Newfield High School Student Dominates the Court for the 1,000th Time

Senior Varsity Volleyball Player Scored Over 1,000 “Kills” Throughout Career

Middle Country Central School District’s Newfield High School Senior Gabrielle Darnaby will be honored before the “Senior Volleyball Game” for scoring over 1,000 kills throughout her varsity volleyball career. Gabrielle will receive an award and be presented with a volleyball that will remain in the school’s trophy case. Each senior student athlete will also be introduced and their accomplishments shared with approximately 100 spectators including sports fans, friends, family and school administrators.

A “kill” refers to an attack that leads directly to a point. Not many athletes ever reach this mark, as in comparison to sports such as basketball where each basket equates to two or three points each, volleyball points are gained one point at a time. Gabrielle is the first student throughout coach Christy Innes’s 16 years of coaching to receive this honor.

Gabrielle has been a member of the Varsity Volleyball team for five years. In ninth grade Gabrielle was recognized as “All League,” in tenth grade “All Conference” and in eleventh grade “All County.” Gabrielle was also named Athlete of the Month in September 2014 and Female Athlete of the Month in September 2015. During her junior and senior years, Gabrielle was named the Max Preps/AVCA Player of the Week. She was also named Newsday’s Top 25 Players to Watch on Long Island this year.

  Photo 3

Gabrielle Darnaby receiving an award for scoring over 1,000 “kills” throughout her volleyball career.

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 Gabrielle Darnaby receiving a game ball for scoring over 1,000 “kills” throughout her volleyball career.