District Announces February Students of the Month

The Middle Country Central School District announced its February students of the month at its recent Board of Education meeting. Centereach High School senior Alexa Oviedo, Newfield High School senior Ryan Grijalva, Danwood Middle School eighth grade student Lucciano Kemeny, and Selden Middle School seventh grade student Ieva Tarasevicius were all honored for their incredible academic achievements, passion and engagement with a wide range of extracurricular activities, and having a tremendous impact on their peers and individuals throughout the community.


“These four outstanding young adults represent the best in what our District strives to develop in our students every day,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roberta Gerold. “These individuals have gone above and beyond in every aspect of their academic studies as well as extracurriculars, and they work tirelessly time and time again to be the best they can be. I have no doubts that these students will be successful in all their future endeavors.”


Centereach High School senior Alexa Oviedo was honored for her academic success and substantial impact throughout the music and theater department. Alexa will have completed at least seven Advanced Placement and college level courses by graduation this June. Alexa is also a member of the Thespian Honor Society, Women’s Choir, and the Select Vocal Ensemble—oftentimes receiving lead roles in many of the theater department’s productions.


Alexa is described by her teachers and peers as talented, kind and humble, consistently expressing gratitude for those who support and assist her in her accomplishments. Upon graduating, Alexa intends to pursue a bachelor’s degree and then continue her studies with a doctoral degree in veterinary science. She has been accepted to LIU and SUNY Oneonta for their pre-veterinary and biology programs.


Ryan Grijalva is a senior at Newfield High School who consistently challenges himself inside and outside the classroom. With a cumulative GPA of 96, Ryan has taken a total of 14 Advanced Placement and college level courses. He has a great passion for music and is a member of the Thespian Society, the Wind Ensemble, Select Jazz Band and the Drum Circle. Ryan was selected as the student conductor for the Pep Band that performs at football games, and is currently conducting a 20-piece band to perform at the District’s Broadway Night.


Ryan’s teachers describe him as conscientious, focused and a true leader. After graduation, Ryan is currently looking to enter higher education with a major in computer science and a possible minor in music to continue his passion. Ryan exhibits an interest in working in the cybersecurity field and is interested in technology and how it has evolved in recent years. Ryan was accepted to Penn State and is waiting to hear back from the University of Connecticut, Boston University and SUNY Binghamton.


Dawnwood Middle School eighth grade student Lucciano Kemeny was selected for his academic excellence and his positive influence on students and staff. Lucciano’s average for the second quarter was 98.1, including the 99 average he earned in his algebra and living environment classes. He plays on the school tennis team and says that math is one of his favorite subjects. Lucciano is recognized for his thoughtful and compassionate personality and how he inspires the other students to do their best.


Ieva Tarasevicius is a seventh grade student at Selden Middle School and was chosen for her engagement with her peers, the curriculum, and in various extracurricular activities. Her drive to excel is exhibited in the fact that she has never once received a grade in any of her classes below a 97 while at Selden Middle School. Staff describe Ieva as kind, focused, determined and enthusiastic. Ieva is involved in lacrosse, performs and choreographs for the school’s kick line team, and has plans to apply for the National Junior Honor Society. Ieva has hopes of attending Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine after high school.


For more information regarding Middle Country Central School District and its students’ many achievements, please visit the District’s website: https://www.mccsd.net/.


CHS-Alexa Oviedo pic

Centereach High School senior Alexa Oviedo.

NHS-Ryan Grijalva pic

Newfield High School senior Ryan Grijalva.

DMS-Lucciano Kemeny pic

Dawnwood Middle School eighth grade student Lucciano Kemeny.

SMS-Ieva Tarasevicius pic

Selden Middle School seventh grade student Ieva Tarasevicius.