Newfield Students Present Research on Vaping

Middle Country Central School District’s Newfield High School students recently participated in the Medical Marvels Competition—a program established by Northwell Health’s Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and the Center for Workforce Readiness. Students Gary Palmeri, Leslie Bardales and Raja Umer conducted the research and were joined by fellow student Dom Mauri for a presentation of their findings on the vaping usage of teenagers. Their research included the health effects of vaping, nicotine addiction and an action plan to eliminate vaping use amongst their peers.


Now in its seventh year, the Medical Marvels Competition is designed to provide Long Island students with the chance to explore subject areas of STEM in a more comprehensive way and showcase STEM’s multidisciplinary career options. The District continues to provide students with educational experiences that engage them in STEM outside of regular classroom curriculum.


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