21 Centereach High School Career and Technical Education Seniors Receive National Technical Honor Society Graduation Cords at NTHS Induction Ceremony

Centereach High School’s National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) recently held its annual Induction Ceremony, at which 21 graduating seniors received their NTHS graduation cords and 27 new career and technical education students were inducted into the honor society.

The National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) is an educational non-profit organization that honors, recognizes, and empowers students and educators in career and technical education (CTE). Founded in 1984, NTHS provides opportunities that encourage the pursuit of higher education in related fields and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive skilled workforce. NTHS highlights the achievements of their top CTE students and provides them with scholarships.

Centereach High School NTHS Advisors Michele Bradley and Laura Michaels noted that the continued interest in the NTHS at Centereach is a testament to the value CTE students gain from participating in the honor society. They both pointed out that CTE students, through their CTE course selections and through involvement in the NTHS, are gaining a foot up in career preparation, which is a decided advantage in their college and future career pursuits.