Full STEM Ahead at Oxhead Road

Middle Country Central School District’s Oxhead Road Elementary School students are taking part in a year-long collaboration that teams younger students with older students to perform experiments and STEM activities. Each first grader in Ms. Goldberg’s class has been paired with a fourth grade student in Mrs. Kelly’s class to work through a weekly STEM assignment—with the fourth grade student acting as the team leader.


This ongoing initiative serves as an opportunity for the District’s younger students to learn from their older peers while at the same time enhancing their problem solving skills and fostering the development of peer interaction. The District continues to provide students with educational experiences that engage them in STEM outside of regular classroom work and through interactive partnerships.


For more information about academic programs available at the Middle Country Central School District and a calendar of events, please visit www.mccsd.net.


oxhead stem 2

Robotics Regional Tournament Champions Newfield Roverines’ Prepare for State Competition

Middle Country Central School District’s Newfield High School “Roverines” continue to add to their winning legacy by earning the Tournament Champions trophy with their most recent performance at the Carle Place VEX Turning Point Robotics Competition.

Qualifying for their fourth year in a row, the Newfield High School Roverines’ will begin preparing for the New York State Championship set to be held on Saturday, March 2nd. As in years past, the District expects that the Roverines’ success will serve to further engage their peers in STEM programs both inside the classroom and through extracurricular activities. The Newfield High School robotics team continues to strive to be one of the premiere competitive robotics teams in New York.


newfield robotics

Middle Country Central School District Announces January Student of Month

The Middle Country Central School District recently announced its January students of the month at its recent Board of Education meeting. Centereach High School student Rebecca Walsh, Newfield High School student Anaya Zanieb, Dawnwood Middle School student LaRawn Robinson and Selden Middle School student Emma Sigault were honored for their outstanding academic achievements, extracurricular participation and providing an overall positive impact on their individual schools and entire Middle Country community.


“Month after month, we have the incredible opportunity to celebrate four students who emulate the positive values and hard work of the entire Middle Country student body,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roberta Gerold. “We are thrilled to once again honor students who go above and beyond in the classroom, inside their respective school and throughout their surrounding communities— a representation of what all Middle Country educators seek to inspire in our students.”


Centereach High School senior Rebecca Walsh will be graduating in June having completed eight AP classes and another five college-level classes. She constantly challenges herself with a diverse course load and it is reflected in her membership in the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, the National Technical Honor Society and the Tri-M Honor Society.


Additionally, Rebecca has volunteered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for five years and recently interned with a congressional campaign. Rebecca plans to study public relations in the fall at either St. John’s University, Fairfield University, Villanova University or Sacred Heart University.


Anaya Zanieb is a senior at Newfield High School and is set to graduate in June having taken a combined 17 college level and AP level classes—potentially graduating with 40 college credits. She is an active member in Newfield as a member of the newspaper club, student government, environmental club, treasurer of the National Technical Honor Society and president of the National Honor Society.


Outside of school Anaya is a homework helper at the Middle Country Public Library and an assistant teacher at the Brentwood Muslim Community Center. Next fall, Anaya plans to begin studying dental medicine at one of the 18 schools she applied to, including New York University, St. John’s University, Cornell University, Boston College and Boston University.


Dawnwood Middle School seventh grade student LaRawn Robinson is a constant presence on the high honor roll and known throughout the school as hardworking, respectful and polite. Aside from his stellar academic record, LaRawn plays saxophone and plays football, basketball and lacrosse. LaRawn has been praised as always eager to help others in the classroom and as an exceptional teammate on sports teams.


Emma Sigault is an eighth grade student at Selden Middle School and has made high honor roll every quarter during her time in middle school. Emma’s teachers universally describe her as a consummate student who has a tremendous work ethic with unwavering integrity. She is an avid soccer player and enjoys basketball and volleyball. Emma hopes to be a pediatric surgeon one day.


CHS-Rebecca Walsh pic

Centereach High School senior Rebecca Walsh.

NHS-Anaya Zaineb pic

Newfield High School senior Anaya Zaineb.

DMS-LaRawn Robinson pic

Dawnwood Middle School seventh grade student LaRawn Robinson.

SMS-Emma Sigault pic

Selden Middle School eighth grade student Emma Sigault.