Newfield High School Students Embark on Unforgettable Music Trip to Boston

Over 100 music students from Newfield High School embarked on an enriching and thrilling field trip to Boston, Massachusetts, marking a memorable chapter in their academic journey. 

The exploration of Boston’s cultural treasures continued with a visit to the New England Aquarium, where students marveled at the diverse marine life and engaged in hands-on learning experiences. Adding their artistic flair to the trip, Newfield High School students even were able to perform at the famous Quincy Market showcasing their musical talents and spreading joy to visitors from around the world. 

Students delved into a whirlwind of cultural and educational experiences, exploring the vibrant city and immersing themselves in its rich history and artistic offerings. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the mesmerizing performance by the world-renowned Blue Man Group. Students were captivated by the innovative blend of music, comedy, and technology, experiencing an unforgettable evening of entertainment that left them inspired and energized. In addition to the Blue Man Group performance, students enjoyed a plethora of recreational activities, including bowling, laser tag, and arcade games, fostering camaraderie and team spirit among classmates. 

The excitement continued with a Boston Duck Boat tour, offering panoramic views of the city’s iconic landmarks and historical sites. Additionally, students were even ready to view the solar eclipse with their protective eyewear on the Boston harbor.

Of course, no field trip to Boston would be complete without exploring the city’s world-renowned educational institutions. Students visited the Harvard University Campus, immersing themselves in the prestigious academic atmosphere and gaining insights into higher education opportunities. The educational journey extended to the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, where students delved into the life and legacy of one of America’s most iconic leaders, deepening their understanding of history and politics.

This immersive field trip provided students with invaluable opportunities for personal growth, cultural enrichment, and artistic expression. Through these experiences, they not only enhanced their musical skills but also cultivated a deeper appreciation for the arts and the world around them. As they return to Newfield High School, these students carry with them cherished memories and newfound inspirations, ready to continue their academic journey with renewed passion and enthusiasm.

Selden Middle School Present the Enchanting Legally Blonde: The Musical Jr.

Selden Middle School proudly presented Legally Blonde: The Musical Jr.Bursting with energy, talent, and vivaciousness, the Selden Middle School rendition captivated audiences of all ages with a delightful blend of comedy, heart, and empowerment.

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the hit movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde: The Musical Jr. follows the journey of Elle Woods, a fashionable sorority queen who defies expectations and stereotypes to pursue her dreams of attending Harvard Law School. Fueled by her determination and the power of pink, Elle discovers her inner strength, resilience, and the true meaning of success.

Under the guidance of director Melanie Maiorca, the talented cast and crew of Selden Middle School worked tirelessly to bring this uplifting story to life on stage. From infectious musical numbers to hilarious comedic moments, audiences enjoyed a vibrant and memorable theatrical experience that celebrated friendship, self-discovery, and the pursuit of one’s passions.

Middle Country Central School District Elementary School Students Engage in Unique Learning Experiences During Solar Eclipse

Elementary school students at Middle Country Central School District recently took part in an extraordinary learning opportunity as they researched, explored, and experienced the fascinating phenomenon of a solar eclipse. With enthusiasm and curiosity, young minds actively participated in various classroom lessons and engaging activities tailored to deepen their understanding of this celestial event. Schools were even dismissed later so students could stay and witness this amazing event.

“We are thrilled to provide our students with such a remarkable learning experience,” said Dr. Roberta Gerold, Superintendent of Schools. “Engaging students in scientific inquiry and exploration is essential to their academic growth and curiosity. The solar eclipse provided a perfect opportunity to spark their interest in astronomy and inspire a lifelong love for science.”

The educational initiative aimed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the solar eclipse while emphasizing safety precautions. Students were equipped with safety glasses, thoughtfully provided by the district, ensuring that they could experience the eclipse firsthand with parental consent. Under the guidance of educators, students had the chance to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle while the younger students at the pre-k/kindergarten center participated in viewing parties from the official NASA broadcast.

The experience offered students a unique opportunity to witness the cosmic event alongside their peers. Furthermore, for those unable to venture outdoors, the school facilitated live streaming of the solar eclipse within the classrooms. Through this interactive approach, every student had the chance to witness the eclipse in real-time. The event not only provided a memorable learning experience but also ignited students’ curiosity about astronomy and the wonders of the universe. By combining hands-on observation with classroom instruction, Middle Country Central School District empowered students to explore science in a tangible and immersive way.

Big Heart, Big Hair, and Big Dreams

Newfield High School Theatre Arts students proudly put on a production of the Broadway classic, Hairspray. Newfield’s performance captivated audiences with infectious energy, memorable tunes, and powerful messages of inclusivity.

Based on the iconic John Waters film, Hairspray follows the story of Tracy Trumblad, a big-hearted teenager with big hair with an even bigger dream: to dance her way onto national television and inspire change in 1960s Baltimore. Filled with laughter, romance, and toe-tapping music, the production celebrated diversity, self-expression, and the power of standing up for what is right.

Under the direction of Director Joan Meichner, the talented students of Newfield High School Theatre Arts worked hard rehearsing and perfecting their performances. From the dynamic dance numbers to the heartfelt ballads, audiences witnessed a high-energy and emotionally resonant production that left them singing and dancing in their seats.

Newfield High School Mock Trial Team Advances to Quarterfinals in Prestigious Suffolk County Regional Competition

The talented and dedicated members of the Newfield High School Mock Trial Team achieved a remarkable milestone recently by securing a spot as one of the top eight teams in the highly competitive 2024 Suffolk County Regional High School Mock Trial Competition.

The team’s outstanding performance earned them the coveted spot, where they faced off against Huntington at the John P. Cohalan, Jr. Courthouse in Central Islip, New York. The Newfield High School Mock Trial Team’s journey to the quarterfinals was a testament to their exceptional legal acumen, teamwork, and commitment to excellence. Throughout the competition, the team demonstrated their mastery of courtroom procedures, persuasive argumentation, and critical thinking skills, impressing judges and spectators alike with their poise and professionalism.

While in a close match against Huntington, the Newfield team showcased their legal prowess and strategic thinking in a high-stakes courtroom setting. The John P. Cohalan, Jr. Courthouse, known for its long legal history, provided an ideal backdrop for the intense legal battle between two formidable teams.

The Mock Trial Team’s journey to the top eight this season was a result of countless hours of preparation, practice, and unwavering determination to excel in the demanding world of mock trial competition. They will use the lessons from this year’s competitions to prepare for success next year when they plan to welcome back several members.

Middle Country Central School District’s Career and Technical Education Students Shine at Annual SkillsUSA Regional Conference

The Annual SkillsUSA Regional Conference held on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at the Suffolk County Community College Brentwood Campus, was the scene of an impressive showcase of talent as Career and Technical Education students from across Long Island gathered to demonstrate their career-related abilities and compete against peers.

“The results of this competition reflect the dedication and commitment of our students, who have devoted countless hours to honing their skills and preparing for this prestigious competition,” said Dr. Roberta Gerold, Superintendent of Schools. “Their success is a testament to their perseverance and determination, and we couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments. Special thanks to our cosmetology teachers, Ms. Michaels, Ms. Ackerler, Ms. Ingarra, and Ms. Bartnik for guiding these students to success!”

Middle Country students participating in the SkillsUSA competition included Ana Mesquita, McKenna Vivona, Gina Nappi, Lindsey Sigault, Jocelyn Morales, Olivia Ludwig, Julianna Allestra, and Abigail Jones. Seniors Mesquita, Sigault, and Nappi secured remarkable victories, placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively, in the Senior Cosmetology category. Additionally, junior student Jocelyn Morales showcased exceptional skills, clinching 2nd place in Junior Cosmetology. 


Gina Nappi, Newfield High School, first place
Jocelyn Morales, Centereach High School, second place
Ana Mesquita, Centereach High School, second place
Lindsey Sigault, Newfield High School, third place

Middle Country Central School District High School Students Explore Child Development at Unity Drive Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Center

Students from Centereach High School and Newfield High School recently embarked on an enriching field trip to Unity Drive Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Center. The visit provided a valuable opportunity for high school students to witness the learning process and gain firsthand experience in child development. 

During the field trip, students observed the teacher practices, learning experiences, and routines used at Unity Drive Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Center. This immersive experience allowed the high school students to see how educators engage with young learners and create a nurturing environment for their growth and development. The visit offered the high school students a unique chance to explore the field of child development through direct observation and interaction with the young learners.

By engaging with the students at the center, participants gained insight into the importance of early childhood education and the impact of effective teaching practices on children’s learning experiences. This was a valuable learning opportunity for the high schoolers, providing them with a hands-on experience that will enhance their understanding of child development and hopefully inspire them to pursue careers in education and related fields.

Selden Middle School Student Receives Long Island Regional National History Day Award

Selden Middle School is proud to announce that Sylvia Zhao, an 8th-grade student, received the Long Island History Day Special Award for Outstanding Junior Entry on Radio or Television History for her documentary, titled The Magic Behind the Music: How Guitar Pedals Changed Sound Forever.

“On behalf of Selden Middle School, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Sylvia for her well-deserved recognition,” said Andrew Bennett, Principal of Selden Middle School. “Her dedication to historical inquiry and her ability to convey complex narratives with clarity and creativity are truly commendable. A huge thank you goes out to Sylvia’s National History Day Advisor, Ms. Lisa Cook, for her guidance and support throughout this journey.”

Sylvia’s remarkable achievement comes after competing against students from across Long Island. Her documentary has garnered widespread acclaim for its insightful exploration of the impact of guitar pedals on the evolution of music. Sponsored by 90.3 WHPC, the Voice of NCC, Sylvia’s entry stood out for its depth of research and compelling storytelling. Through her documentary, Sylvia delves into the transformative effects of guitar pedals, shedding light on how these devices have shaped the soundscapes of various music genres over the years. Her research not only highlights the technological advancements in music production but also underscores the profound cultural and artistic implications of these innovations.

New Lane Elementary School and PTA Kick Off PARP Celebration

Middle Country’s New Lane Elementary School and its dedicated Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) have launched their annual Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) celebration with an exciting new theme this year: Reading with Everyday Heroes. The month-long celebration aims to promote literacy and encourage a love for reading among students.

“We are thrilled to launch this year’s PARP celebration—Reading with Everyday Heroes,” said Robin Newberg, Principal of New Lane Elementary School. “This event promotes the joy of reading and honors the heroes in our community. We are grateful to all the volunteers who made this parade possible and look forward to a month filled with exciting reading activities.”

The festivities commenced with a vibrant parade, at which students had the opportunity to express their gratitude to local everyday heroes in the community. Middle Country Transportation, Selden Fire Department, Selden EMT, Suffolk County School Resource Officers Murphy and Skippon, the local USPS office, and the Town of Brookhaven Sanitation Department all generously volunteered to participate in the parade.

The community heroes drove their vehicles through the parade route, allowing students and spectators to wave, cheer, and kick off the PARP celebration with enthusiasm. The presence of these dedicated individuals served as a powerful reminder of the impact everyday heroes have on their lives and the importance of literacy. Throughout the month, New Lane Elementary School and the PTA will organize engaging reading activities to encourage the students to discover the joy of reading.

Newfield High School Visits Bicycle Path Elementary School for Read Across America

Middle Country Central School District’s Bicycle Path Elementary School collaborated with Newfield High School to celebrate Read Across America Day, a fun-filled event that brought the magic of Dr. Seuss to life. The day was made even more special with  Crazy Hair Day, adding a touch of whimsy and excitement to the occasion.

“We are thrilled to have the Newfield High School students join us for Read Across America Day,” said Scott Graviano, Principal of Newfield High School. “Their enthusiasm and energy were infectious, and our students were captivated by the magic of Dr. Seuss.”

A group of enthusiastic Newfield High School Tri-M and Thespian Honor Society students paid a visit to the prekindergarten students at Bicycle Path Elementary School to celebrate Read Across America Day. Dressed up as beloved Dr. Seuss characters—including Cat in the Hat, Sam I Am, and the quirky Crazy Haired Things—the high schoolers brought joy and laughter to the younger students.

Making sure to visit each classroom in Bicycle Path Elementary School, the Newfield students engaged all children in reading sessions and interactive learning activities. It was a day filled with storytelling, creativity, and mutual excitement about the world of reading.