Selden Middle School 8th Grade Chorus Embarks on Broadway Adventure to Wicked

The vibrant voices of Selden Middle School’s eighth-grade chorus resonated through the streets of Manhattan as they embarked on a thrilling field trip to experience the magic of Broadway with a viewing of the renowned musical, Wicked.

Under the guidance of their dedicated music teacher, Joan Meichner, the students of Selden Middle School had the opportunity to witness the captivating tale of friendship and resilience in the Land of Oz. From the moment the curtains rose to the final bow, the chorus members were enraptured by the spellbinding performances and the mesmerizing musical numbers that unfolded on the stage.

Before the show, the students savored the sights and sounds of New York City, indulging in a delicious lunch and exploring the bustling streets of Manhattan. For many young performers, this was their first visit to the iconic theatre district as well as their first train ride, making the experience all the more memorable.

The field trip to Broadway not only provided the students with a unique cultural experience but also served as a source of inspiration for their musical pursuits. As they return to Selden Middle School, the eighth-grade students are sure to carry the magic of Wicked with them, infusing their rehearsals and performances with newfound passion and creativity,