North Coleman Road Elementary School Celebrates Military Appreciation Month With Veteran’s Parade

North Coleman Road Elementary School celebrated Military Appreciation Month, held every May, with monthlong lessons and a special Veteran’s Parade. Students were immersed in learning about service and the ways—big and small—that everyone can contribute to their community. 

“We are thrilled to honor our military heroes during Military Appreciation Month,” said Dr. Gretchen Rodney, Principal of North Coleman Road Elementary School. “This parade is a testament to the values of service and sacrifice that we aim to instill in our students, and it provides an important opportunity for our young learners to connect with real-life heroes.”

The highlight of the month-long celebration was the veteran’s parade held at the school. Students and staff will welcome 19 active and former service members from various branches of the military. Each veteran participating in the parade was personally connected to at least one student, fostering a meaningful and impactful experience for the young people of North Coleman Road Elementary.

The celebration exemplified the school’s commitment to educating students not only academically but also about important values such as service, empathy, and citizenship.