Middle Country Central School District’s High School Marching Bands Perform at the Centereach Fire Department’s Memorial Day Parade

Marching bands from Centereach and Newfield high schools joined forces to honor and commemorate the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes at the Centereach Fire Department’s Memorial Day Parade.

The parade, a cherished tradition in the community, commenced at the intersection of Middle Country Road and Horseblock Road, weaving through the heart of Centereach before culminating at the Centereach Fire Department Headquarters. Spectators lined the streets, waving flags and applauding as the marching bands filled the air with melodies, patriotism, and remembrance.

Under the skilled direction of their band teachers, Dr. Harold Goldstein, Tom Austin, and Allison Bush, the Centereach and Newfield marching bands showcased their musical prowess and unity, marching as they paid tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the county. Their stirring performances resonated with spectators, evoking a profound sense of pride and gratitude with the nation’s heroes.

Following the parade, attendees had the opportunity to gather at the Centereach Fire Department Headquarters, where they enjoyed refreshments and shared camaraderie in remembrance of fallen heroes. The sense of community spirit and reverence for the occasion was palpable as friends, families, and neighbors came together to honor the legacy of those who gave their lives in defense of freedom.