Middle Country Central School District Honors Veterans

Veterans Day is observed annually throughout the country to honor the women and men who have honorably served in defense of the freedoms we all hold dear. In the days leading up to Veteran’s Day, this year celebrated on November 11, students throughout the Middle Country Central School District were busy participating in various activities and lessons in honor of  Veterans Day. 

For example, on behalf of the Selden Middle School, members of the Long Island Harley Owners Group (LI HOGS) delivered 455 beautifully written and hand-crafted cards to the residents of the Long Island State Veterans Home in Stony Brook.

At Holbrook Road Elementary School, Principal Dr. Craig Ukenholz gave a presentation to students on the significance of Veterans Day. Students then each placed a flag in front of their school building to show respect and honor the Veterans who have served to protect. The Holbrook Road Junior Leaders Club, as part of their Veterans Day projects, decorated bulletin boards throughout the school.

New Lane Elementary School honored Veterans Day with a Veterans Day parade. Students lined up in the hallways as local Veterans made an appearance wearing their uniforms, carrying flags, and holding models of the naval ships many of them served on. Students sang patriotic songs and created a video that was shared with the Stony Brook Veterans Home.

Hawkins Path Elementary School held an assembly in honor of Veterans Day where students shared their researched facts and read their heartfelt messages to the Veterans. Hawkins Path Elementary School fourth-grade teacher, Dana Mullaly who served in the Army, and custodian, Michael Horry who served in the Air Force were honored for their service. They were presented with gifts from the faculty, flowers from the PTA, and cards from the students which were displayed around the building. 

In Eugene Auer Elementary School, students learned all about the origins of Veterans Day and created timelines marking important events in history. At Bicycle Path Elementary School, students learned about famous Veterans in history, created paper Veteran portraits, and wrote letters on why they were thankful.

Bicycle Path Elementary School students in front of their famous Veterans bulletin board
Eugene Auer Elementary School students creating timelines using important dates in history
Holbrook Road Elementary School students holding their flag in front of the Veterans Day bulletin board put together by the Junior Leaders Club
 New Lane Elementary School students cheering on Veterans as they walk through the school hallways 
Veterans at the Long Island State Veterans Home in Stony Brook reading thank you letters from Selden Middle School and Long Island Harley Owners Group

Veterans at the Long Island State Veterans Home in Stony Brook reading thank you letters from Selden Middle School and Long Island Harley Owners Group

Veterans at the Long Island State Veterans Home in Stony Brook reading thank you letters from Selden Middle School and Long Island Harley Owners Group

10 Middle Country Seniors Sign Athletic Letters of Intent

Recently, 10 Middle Country Central School District senior student-athletes signed their letter of intent at the ceremony. The students, in the presence of their families, friends, teachers, and District administration, affixed their signatures to letters of intent from their respective colleges, cementing the bright future ahead for all of them.

“This is a huge stepping stone for our student-athletes who are looking forward to the new chapter of their lives after their high school journey,” said Dr. Roberta Gerold, Superintendent of Schools. “We are incredibly proud of our students who are looking to pursue higher education as well as continue their athletic careers.” 

Centereach High School:
Ashlynne Gangji, Lacrosse, SUNY Cortland
Julia Ivashko, Lacrosse, Stetson University
Mia Juvelier, Lacrosse, Merrimack College
Kate Timarky, Lacrosse, University of Notre Dame
Juliana Speziale, Lacrosse, Long Island University
Joseph Speziale, Lacrosse, Florida Southern College
Charlie Cavaliere, Lacrosse, Stony Brook University
Kaitlyn Ippolito, Lacrosse, University of Scranton

Newfield High School:
Madison Keenan, Soccer, Molloy College
Ella Sharrock, Softball, New Paltz

Papalia Siblings Recognized as Students of the Month

The Middle Country Central School District recently named three Stagecoach Elementary School students as students of the month for October. Ava Papalia, Grace Papalia, and Oliva Papalia were recognized at a recent Board of Education Meeting, acknowledging the siblings’ dedication to academic excellence and community involvement.

“I am incredibly thrilled to announce the three Papalia sisters as Stagecoach Elementary School students of the month. This is the first year we are recognizing students of the month at the elementary level and these students are excellent candidates to start the new tradition,” said Dr. Roberta Gerold, Superintendent of  Schools. “I know that these students will make a great impact  wherever they go, and I am eager to see what they will do next to continue their vision to make a difference.”

Ava, Oliva, and Grace are students who take action when they want to see positive change happen. Last year, the three sisters decided to put together an anti-bullying campaign throughout the school. The girls wanted to bring awareness to why it is not okay to bully and address the importance for all students to be kind, helpful, and respectful to each other. Grace hung up anti-bullying posters around the school.  Awa would walk around the cafeteria and give a cookie to any student she felt looked upset as well as sit with them to help cheer them up, and  Oliva took an active role in helping organize school events such as ice-pop day and the book fair.

“These three students are so passionate whenever anyone speaks to them about anti-bullying. They have so many great ideas for this school year,” said Shaun Rothberg, Principal of Stagecoach Elementary School. “Ava, Grace, and Oliva are such kind-hearted students. All their teachers speak highly of them, they receive excellent grades and are role models for their classmates.”

Centereach High School Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Centereach High School recently held its Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. The event was coordinated by the Spanish Heritage Club members and dancers, advised by Patricia Duryea and Victoria Cuomo.

“It was incredible to see our students and families come together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s important to recognize the history, culture, and contributions made by Hispanic Americans,” said Thomas Bell, Principal of Centereach High School. “Great job to all the students and faculty who made the celebration possible.”

Centereach High School students prepared tri-fold posters about a Hispanic country they researched. The World Languages Club also gave presentations with slideshows they prepared. Students, friends, and families had an immersive and educational experience as they learned more about Hispanic heritage, culture, and contributions. Students also performed various cultural dances and songs while dressed up in their cultural attire.

Centereach High School students with their trifold presentation
Centereach High Schools student with her trifold presentation
Centereach High School’s World Languages Club with their slide show presentation
Centereach High School student singing
 Centereach High School students in their Día de Los Muertos makeup 
Centereach High School students dancing