Oxhead Road Elementary School Celebrates Successful ‘Souper Bowl’ Donation Drive

Thoughtful students at Oxhead Road Elementary School recently held a “Souper Bowl” donation drive, collecting cans of soup for the local food pantry. 

Principal Phyllis Saltz expressed her gratitude for the altruism of the Oxhead Road Elementary School community. “We are incredibly proud of our students for their generosity and compassion,” Principal Saltz said. “Their commitment to helping others truly embodies the spirit of community service. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of the donation drive.”

For the duration of the donation drive, students were encouraged to bring in a can of soup. As an added incentive, students were able to decorate a paper football representing the team they believed would win the Super Bowl each time they brought a can of soup to school. The votes were tallied, with 68 students choosing the Kansas City Chiefs and 53 students supporting the San Francisco 49ers.

In a delightful turn of events, the predictions made by Oxhead Road Elementary School students proved true after the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious in the Super Bowl. This exciting outcome added an extra layer of enthusiasm to the already “souper” fun “Souper Bowl” event!