15 Middle Country Central School District Students Selected for Long Island String Festival Association

Middle Country Central School District is proud to announce that 15 talented students have recently been selected to participate in the prestigious Long Island String Festival Association (LIFSA). 

The Long Island String Festival Association is a well-regarded organization that brings together the most talented young musicians across Long Island. It provides an opportunity for students to showcase their skills, learn from professionals, and collaborate with their peers in an enriching musical experience.

Our selected talented students have consistently demonstrated their passion and dedication for music,” said Dr. Diana Cook, Director of Music, Fine Arts, and Community Media Relations. “Their selection for the Long Island String Festival Association is a testament to their hard work and talent. They have been chosen among a competitive pool of applicants, highlighting their exceptional musical abilities. Congratulations and well done!”

Heather Wesnofske, Kimberly Tynebor, Max Woods, Kevin Matias, Dan Martinez, and  Melanie Maiorca played a crucial role in nurturing the musical talents of these students. Under their guidance, the 15 students have flourished, and their commitment to excellence and their ability to inspire the students have been instrumental in their selection.

Centereach High SchoolD 11-12Jillian GarciaViolin
Centereach High SchoolD 11-12Nadine TorilloViolin
Centereach High SchoolD 9-10Danielle AndradaViolin
Dawnwood Middle SchoolD 7-8Jacob KhazanovichViolin
Dawnwood Middle SchoolD 6Jennilyn EspinosaViolin
Hawkins Path Elementary SchoolD 5Patrick LongDouble Bass
Jericho Elementary SchoolD 5Sophia DoscherViolin
New Lane Elementary SchoolD 5Luke GiglioDouble Bass
Newfield High School SchoolD 9-10Sophie ChenViolin
Newfield High SchoolD 9-10Alexandra KathleenViolin
Newfield High SchoolD 11-12Emma GeraciViolin
North Coleman Road SchoolD 5Isis WhalenViolin
Selden Middle SchoolD 6Rebecca OrbanViolin
Selden Middle SchoolD 7-8Peyton MelideoViolin
Stagecoach Elementary SchoolD 5Samanta AustinViolin