Dawnwood Middle School Students Show Their Love in ASL Club

The students of Dawnwood Middle School’s American Sign Language (ASL) Club advised by Ms. Petruzzo, have showcased their creativity and love for their community by crafting valentines. The students crafted cutouts of their hands signing “I love you” in ASL. 

“We wanted to show our love and support for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in a creative and meaningful way,” said Ms. Pertuzzo. “By crafting these valentines, we hope to promote inclusivity and embrace diversity.”

The ASL Club at Dawnwood Middle School is a dynamic and inclusive group. Advised by Ms. Petruzzo, a dedicated art teacher at Centereach High School, the club allows students to learn and practice sign language while fostering a sense of community and acceptance. In preparation for Valentine’s Day, the students put their artistic skills to work by carefully cutting out their hand shapes and decorating them with vibrant colors and personalized messages.