Dawnwood Middle School Student Wins First Place in American Fine Arts Festival International Music Competition

Dawnwood Middle School is proud to announce that sixth-grader Brielle Badum won first place in the prestigious American Fine Arts Festival (AFAF) Music Competition, called the “Golden Voices of America.” Brielle’s exceptional talent and dedication to her craft have earned her the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in March!

Dawnwood principal Daniel Katchihtes couldn’t contain his excitement for Brielle’s amazing achievement. “Her success in the American Fine Arts Festival International Music Competition is a testament to her passion, talent, and hard work,” the principal said. “We are incredibly proud of her accomplishment and look forward to witnessing her extraordinary performance at Carnegie Hall.  Brielle’s achievement serves as an inspiration to her fellow students and showcases the exceptional talent that exists within our school.”

The AFAF Music Competition “Golden Voices of America” is a highly esteemed event that celebrates the outstanding musical abilities of young artists from across the nation. Each year, talented students compete in various categories, showcasing their skills and passion for music. Brielle’s remarkable vocal abilities and captivating stage presence set her apart from the competition, leading to her well-deserved victory.