Newfield High School Visits Bicycle Path Elementary School for Read Across America

Middle Country Central School District’s Bicycle Path Elementary School collaborated with Newfield High School to celebrate Read Across America Day, a fun-filled event that brought the magic of Dr. Seuss to life. The day was made even more special with  Crazy Hair Day, adding a touch of whimsy and excitement to the occasion.

“We are thrilled to have the Newfield High School students join us for Read Across America Day,” said Scott Graviano, Principal of Newfield High School. “Their enthusiasm and energy were infectious, and our students were captivated by the magic of Dr. Seuss.”

A group of enthusiastic Newfield High School Tri-M and Thespian Honor Society students paid a visit to the prekindergarten students at Bicycle Path Elementary School to celebrate Read Across America Day. Dressed up as beloved Dr. Seuss characters—including Cat in the Hat, Sam I Am, and the quirky Crazy Haired Things—the high schoolers brought joy and laughter to the younger students.

Making sure to visit each classroom in Bicycle Path Elementary School, the Newfield students engaged all children in reading sessions and interactive learning activities. It was a day filled with storytelling, creativity, and mutual excitement about the world of reading.