New Lane Elementary School and PTA Kick Off PARP Celebration

Middle Country’s New Lane Elementary School and its dedicated Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) have launched their annual Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) celebration with an exciting new theme this year: Reading with Everyday Heroes. The month-long celebration aims to promote literacy and encourage a love for reading among students.

“We are thrilled to launch this year’s PARP celebration—Reading with Everyday Heroes,” said Robin Newberg, Principal of New Lane Elementary School. “This event promotes the joy of reading and honors the heroes in our community. We are grateful to all the volunteers who made this parade possible and look forward to a month filled with exciting reading activities.”

The festivities commenced with a vibrant parade, at which students had the opportunity to express their gratitude to local everyday heroes in the community. Middle Country Transportation, Selden Fire Department, Selden EMT, Suffolk County School Resource Officers Murphy and Skippon, the local USPS office, and the Town of Brookhaven Sanitation Department all generously volunteered to participate in the parade.

The community heroes drove their vehicles through the parade route, allowing students and spectators to wave, cheer, and kick off the PARP celebration with enthusiasm. The presence of these dedicated individuals served as a powerful reminder of the impact everyday heroes have on their lives and the importance of literacy. Throughout the month, New Lane Elementary School and the PTA will organize engaging reading activities to encourage the students to discover the joy of reading.