Selden Middle School Student Receives Long Island Regional National History Day Award

Selden Middle School is proud to announce that Sylvia Zhao, an 8th-grade student, received the Long Island History Day Special Award for Outstanding Junior Entry on Radio or Television History for her documentary, titled The Magic Behind the Music: How Guitar Pedals Changed Sound Forever.

“On behalf of Selden Middle School, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Sylvia for her well-deserved recognition,” said Andrew Bennett, Principal of Selden Middle School. “Her dedication to historical inquiry and her ability to convey complex narratives with clarity and creativity are truly commendable. A huge thank you goes out to Sylvia’s National History Day Advisor, Ms. Lisa Cook, for her guidance and support throughout this journey.”

Sylvia’s remarkable achievement comes after competing against students from across Long Island. Her documentary has garnered widespread acclaim for its insightful exploration of the impact of guitar pedals on the evolution of music. Sponsored by 90.3 WHPC, the Voice of NCC, Sylvia’s entry stood out for its depth of research and compelling storytelling. Through her documentary, Sylvia delves into the transformative effects of guitar pedals, shedding light on how these devices have shaped the soundscapes of various music genres over the years. Her research not only highlights the technological advancements in music production but also underscores the profound cultural and artistic implications of these innovations.