Middle Country Central School District High School Students Explore Child Development at Unity Drive Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Center

Students from Centereach High School and Newfield High School recently embarked on an enriching field trip to Unity Drive Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Center. The visit provided a valuable opportunity for high school students to witness the learning process and gain firsthand experience in child development. 

During the field trip, students observed the teacher practices, learning experiences, and routines used at Unity Drive Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Center. This immersive experience allowed the high school students to see how educators engage with young learners and create a nurturing environment for their growth and development. The visit offered the high school students a unique chance to explore the field of child development through direct observation and interaction with the young learners.

By engaging with the students at the center, participants gained insight into the importance of early childhood education and the impact of effective teaching practices on children’s learning experiences. This was a valuable learning opportunity for the high schoolers, providing them with a hands-on experience that will enhance their understanding of child development and hopefully inspire them to pursue careers in education and related fields.