Middle Country Central School District Announces October Students of the Month

The Middle Country Central School District recently announced the October students of the month at its Board of Education meeting. Newfield High School senior Nicholas Douglas, Dawnwood Middle School eighth grade student David Class and Selden Middle School eighth grade student Tiffani Barosa were all recognized for their many academic achievements, serving as a role model for their peers within the District and community, and their dedication to extracurricular activities.


“We are proud to recognize these students as they demonstrate the true spirit, passion and values of the Middle Country Central School District” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roberta Gerold. “Nicholas, David and Tiffani have achieved so much at such a young age, and we have no doubt that their powerful drive, innovative minds and shining personalities will take them far in their lives.”


Newfield High School senior Nicholas Douglas was honored for his academic excellence, strong commitment to extracurricular activities and his thoughtful yet disciplined disposition. With a GPA of 99.5625, Nicholas will potentially be able to graduate in June with 40 credits. Nicholas is a member of the National Honor Society, the Foreign Language Honor Society and is the Executive Director of the Tri-M Honor Society. He is vice president of the senior class, captain of the cross country team, and a member of both the spring and winter track teams. Nicholas has also excelled within the music department as a member of the drum club and has been selected for all-county band for the past seven consecutive years.  Nicholas is a 5-time recipient of the Middle Country Minds in Motion Award and the varsity athletic award.


Nicholas is described by teachers as hard-working and diligent and he is always seeking constant improvement. A fan of chemistry and calculus, Nicholas plans to continue on to higher education to major in chemical engineering. He is applying to Stony Brook, New York University, Northeastern University, Manhattan College, and Penn State.


Eighth grade student David Class was honored as the Dawnwood Middle School Student of the Month due to his contagious positivity, constant kindness and his dedication to making each of his peers feel welcome and included. David is said to have an impressive enthusiasm for learning; his favorite subject is history and he can educate almost anyone he meets on the Reconstruction Era. David is described by those around him as a well-rounded student who always tries his best to succeed, no matter what task.


Selden Middle School eighth grade student Tiffani Barosa is a shining example of what it means to be a Selden student. With a cumulative GPA of 97.4, Tiffani excels in her two favorite classes math and social studies. She is involved in a number of extracurricular activities within the school community as well as out of school programs. An accomplished athlete, Tiffani is a member of Newfield’s JV Cheer Squad, plays soccer in her free time, and assists with dance instruction at the “On the Edge Performance Center.” Tiffani hopes to one day attend the University of Florida and ultimately become a profiler for the FBI, as she is inspired by the TV show Criminal Minds, which she watches routinely with her family.


For more information regarding Middle Country School District and its students’ many achievements, please visit the District’s website: https://www.mccsd.net/.


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