Middle Country Central School District Siblings Raise Hundreds for School Supplies

Over the last few weeks, four siblings at Middle Country Central School District worked together to raise $405 for critically needed school supplies for economically challenged district families. Students Isabella Muccio (9th grade, Newfield High School), Michael Muccio (5th grade, New Lane Elementary School), Giavanna Muccio (3rd grade, New Lane Elementary School), and Madelyn Muccio (kindergarten, Bicycle Path School) ran two lemonade stands in order to raise the funds.

“I am so proud of my children,” said the students’ mom, Michele Muccio. “They brainstormed \and came up with a wonderful idea to run lemonade stands to help other children purchase school supplies. They know how expensive it can be to return to school, and wanted to help out.”

Isabella, Michael, Giavanna, and Madelyn used the leadership skills they learned in school and the girl and boy scouts to make their lemonade stands a great success. They built the storefront stands, painted them, and set them up themselves. They ran both stands in their driveway and spread the word to family, friends, neighbors, and the Middle Country Moms Facebook group.  Isabella and Michael’s former 4th-grade teacher, Mrs. Tricia Green, and New Lane School Nurse Susan Rossi stopped by to donate and offered encouragement. 

In addition to refreshing lemonade, the Muccio’s sold cookies and chips and used all the earnings to purchase school supplies and backpacks at Target and Walmart. 

 “We are just so thankful for all that the Muccio family has done for the students of our district and community,” said Dr. Roberta Gerold, Superintendent of Schools. “The Muccios are an outstanding example of the students that attend Middle Country Central School District. Well done!”

The Muccios delivered all of the new school supplies and backpacks to Phyllis Saltz at New Lane Elementary School and Lisa Contarino at Bicycle Path School. The family was an inspiration to the community as people continue to drop off school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, and crayons to their home which will then be dropped off at schools.

These donations will be distributed amongst the schools and will be able to give many students the supplies they need and would not have been able to obtain otherwise. 

Middle Country Central School District Extended School Year Program

Middle Country Central School District students from Kindergarten through high school were afforded the opportunity to attend the District’s  Extended School Year Program from July to August.

The Extended School Year Program runs for approximately six weeks to maintain, support, and reinforce subjects in the school curriculum. Next year will make 10 years since the program opened. It has grown from 50 students to approximately 150 students. 

“The Extended School Year Program allows our students to continue all the skills they have worked on throughout the school year,” said Katie Haggerty-Ankner, Coordinator of Special Education-PPS and principal of the Extended School Year Program. “The teachers and staff create opportunities for our students to grow academically, socially, and independently. An important part of the program is the community outings that provide real-life experiences for these students as they work hard to maintain their Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals.”

During the Extended School Year Program, students have the opportunity to go on bowling trips to the Centereach Bowling Alley and to the Middle Country Public Library. The outings encourage the students to focus on school work during the week and help students to become part of the community. It also provides an opportunity for general education students to volunteer their time during the summer in service to the special needs students and add to their community service hours.