Middle Country Central School District Honors Patriot Day

The Middle Country Central School District honored Patriot Day on September 11, 2023, marking the 22nd anniversary of this tragic day. Patriot Day serves as a solemn reminder of the lives lost and the bravery displayed by the first responders and citizens during that devastating event.

“Observing Patriot Day provides an opportunity for our students to remember and honor the lives lost. By observing this day, we can ensure that the memory of the victims and heroes are not forgotten,” said Dr. Roberta Gerold, Superintendent of Schools. “Throughout the day, various educational activities took place in classrooms, promoting understanding and empathy among students. Our students were engaged in meaningful discussions about the events of 9/11, emphasizing the importance of unity, resilience, and the power of community in times of adversity.”

At Eugene Auer, North Coleman Road, New Lane, and Jericho Road Elementary Schools, students participated in various classroom activities such as completing a heart-shaped flag and watching short clips about Patriot Day. Students read This Very Tree: A Story of 9/11, Resilience, and Regrowth  

by Sean Rubin, a compelling story about community resilience from the perspective of the Callery pear tree that survived the attack.

The Centereach High School Women’s Choir and Newfield High School student Thomas Lasher performed beautifully at the Centereach Fire House for the 9/11 memorial ceremony.  The choir opened the ceremony with the Star Spangled Banner and also performed The Rose and Sing Me To Heaven. Thomas majestically performed Taps on his trumpet. At Selden Fire House’s 9/11 Memorial Ceremony, Newfield High School student Jasmine Recova sang the Star Spangled Banner and Amazing Grace.