North Coleman Road Elementary School Donates Toys to the Vincent Gentile Memorial Foundation Annual Holiday Toy D

North Coleman Road Elementary School Junior Leaders club advised by Mrs. Alicia Ferrer sponsored a week-long toy drive in honor of a former North Coleman Road Elementary School student, Vincent Gentile.

Vincent Gentile attended North Coleman Road from first grade through fifth grade and throughout the five years, he served as a strong example of citizenship and consistently showed kindness and compassion to everyone. These traits followed him through his educational journey in middle school and high school. Despite his courage and his unwavering optimism, Vincent succumbed to his battle with osteosarcoma at the beginning of his junior year while attending Newfield High School. His family was motivated by his infectious smile and enthusiasm to bring smiles to the faces of countless children to honor him.

“It’s truly heartwarming to see our North Coleman Road families come together to donate toys to honor the memory of Vincent Gentile,” said Dr. Gretchen Rodney, Principal of North Coleman Road Elementary School. “We are incredibly grateful and honored to be able to continue Vincent’s legacy and put on smiles on many children this holiday season. Thank you to Mrs. Alicia Ferrer, Mr. Matthew Giordano, and our Junior Leaders for making this possible!”

Every day, during morning announcements, North Coleman Road Junior Leaders spoke to the students to encourage their families to donate a gift to the Vincent Gentile Memorial Foundation Annual Holiday Toy Drive to be sent out to the Cohens Children’s Hospital. North Coleman Road collected more than 8 big bags of toys.