Middle Country Central School District Celebrates Board Members

The Middle Country Central School District recently celebrated its Board members at their last Board meeting in honor of School Board Recognition Week. “Our Board members devote countless hours to make sure our schools have the necessary resources to ensure our students can be successful,” said Dr. Roberta Gerold, Superintendent of Schools. “On behalf of the Middle Country Central School District family, I would like to thank our School Board members for their selfless commitment to our students, our faculty and staff, and to the entire Middle Country School District community.”

Students from schools throughout the Middle Country School District attended the board meeting with their peers to present various interactive performances to highlight some of the amazing educational initiatives that Middle Country students have due to the Board’s leadership and support.  For example, one group of students performed bucket drumming which is part of the STEM Celebration. The performance was coordinated by Scott Kubik, Stagecoach Elementary School music teacher. The Centereach Robotics Team, advised by Technology teacher Nick Parrinello, coordinated a robotics student demonstration, where the Board Members had the opportunity to drive the robot.  

One of the more entertaining presentations was made by the College Computer Graphics Class, taught by Jeannette Kiesling Centereach High School Computer Graphics teacher. The class designed wooden superhero emblems of Middle Country’s District Logo on the Glowforge,  a 3D laser printer with a wooden copy printed for each Board member. Members of the Centereach High School Drama Club, advised by Patty Duryea, Theatre Director, presented a short performance from their latest show, Pinocchio.

Amy Pacifico, Coordinator of World Studies K-12, and Dr. Kyrie Siegal, ELA Coordinator brought in four third-grade students from Jericho Elementary School to read their essays about the importance of Super Citizens and who they are, while dressed in their outfits.  These community Super Citizens include Police Officers, Firefighters, Doctors, and School Board Members.  The students learned about what Board Members do and how they are Super Citizens in education. The second-grade students drew pictures and wrote letters, thanking the members for their hard work and dedication. Lynn McMillin, PTA Council President, and the PTA Council gifted the Board Members with Super Citizen-designed cookies.

“It takes strong schools to build a strong community and our Board members spend countless hours studying education issues, reviewing regulations, speaking with the educators in this district as well as Board members in other districts, to ensure the decisions they make are the best decisions for the children of the Middle Country School District community,” said Dr. Diana Cook, Director of Music, Fine Arts, and Community Media Relations. “Even though we make a formal effort to show our appreciation during School Board Recognition Week, their contributions and dedication are appreciated every day of the year by all of us.”

Board Members:
Dawn Sharrock, President
Robert Feeney, Vice President
Arlene Barresi, Trustee
John DeBenedetto, Trustee
Doreen Feldmann, Trustee
Denise Haggerty, Trustee
Robert Hallock, Trustee
Deborah Mann-Rodriguez, Trustee
Kathleen Walsh, Trustee